Monday, November 16, 2015

Fencing: Contrast Formal + Rustic

Garden Design uses contrast as a potent tool.  If I could only have 5 arrows in my quiver, contrast is one of the 5.
Contrast, everything.
Fine country estate?  Rustic fence, below.
Why?  More layers of narrative.  More metaphor.  A deeper story.  Intellect playing in grace.

From Berkshire to Buckingham:

Rustic fences, below, with fine manor houses?  Centuries of examples.


Charming, below, welcoming.  Formal fence, below, instead?  Fine.  But you've just created a 'walk-thru', get where you are going don't stop statement.

Tara Dillard: path, axis, enfilade, roses, trellis, potager, gate, focal points, lighting:

Elegant roses, rustic fence, below, is wicked.  I smell the fragrance.

Magic Garden <3:

Rustic, yet looks formal, below.


Rustic, reading formal, below, with the black stain.

Rustic 4-board fence stained black, with black vinyl welded wire:

Formal, reading rustic, below, with hog panel wire.

hog panel fence:

A little privacy, below, historic lattice.  

TARA DILLARD: Front Porch: A Way to Test Design, furniture, lattice, drapes, color, green, brown, white, susanne hudson's front porch: I

Beloved & I are building a deck at the back of our American Farmhouse.  We chose the formal reading rustic with hog panels.  We didn't want to block views of  softly rolling hills/open-wooded/lake/sunsets, yet needed a hint of elegance to bind to the house, while honoring the simple livestock barbed wire fence along a property line with dairy cows.  Contrast.  Need 1 panel of the lattice, above, with our railing.
All day yesterday we were building the new deck, just the 2 of us.  At our age.  Go us.  Late in the daylight, a ribbon of black birds flew over, the ribbon must have been a mile long, and they were all talking.  Haven't seen/heard anything like it since childhood.  Sunset was a stunner.  Having lived in subdivisions my entire life, without seeing sunrises/sunsets I'm easily distracted by a good sunset.  Hints of the Milky Way too.  More days ahead, working on the deck around the day job.  Soon we must decide roofing for portions of the deck and screened room.  Hard choices, not wanting to block sky views, yet getting protection from summer sun, and mosquitoes.
All pics linked from my Fences Pinterest Board.
Garden & Be Well,    XO T
Made the choice to build ourselves, and save $5,000+.  Beloved already had the know-how & tools.  Huge.


  1. I'm for it all the way. Thanks Tara. Only rustic is in my budget.

  2. We differ in our idea of rustic in that photo of the Royals. I don't think of that as rustic but it does speak of stability, longevity, solidness. I like it, a lot and thought the photo one of the best of the family, ever.
    Someone asked me why I didn't have white fences; it's because I like black fences such as the one in your photo.
    I used to breed American Curly horses and used cattle (you call them hog) panels to divide my pastures. The only thing strong enough to keep the stallions where they needed to be kept. I do like the idea of using them with wood at the house.
    Yes, you two GO and at your age but, if not this age, at what age? I'd rather wear out than rust out.